Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wanna Be Weed Free? Get an Action Hoe!

I kinda suck at weeding. All that squatting, hand picking nonsense. Blah But this year...look at my garden! Weed free, baby.
The Boyfriend came up with a pretend holiday...because I'm super cheap but he knows he can spend whatever on something for me if it's a holiday, yes, I'm aware I have issues...

So I told him about stirrup hoes, which I never heard of before. And he found this Ames Action Hoe at Home Depot. You basically just run it along the ground and it cuts the first inch of soil killing weeds that are there and preventing new ones from growing.

Stop by and I'll give you an infomercial-type demonstration of it! It's kinda lame how much I love this thing. Garden pics coming soon.

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