Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Happening in Our Yard

The spaghetti squash seedlings appeared overnight.
Here's my seed starting setup. I save plastic egg and berry cartons. Fill with dirt. Insert seeds. Write their names with black marker on top. Leave them on my IKEA shoe rack by my sliding door so they get lots of sun. It's also on top of a heating vent, which I think helps. Very fancy, don't ya think? ...Whatever, it works.


The thyme reappeared from last year.

So did the mint. It has spread over the years, but it seems happy to stay by the house and not take over the yard. Yet.

The pear tree has a fungus. I was going to use a fungicide (gasp! pesticides! I know...I hate to do it, but it's that or I have to cut down the tree). But you have to do it before the leaves appear and that happened over night and I missed my chance. So no edible pears this year. Again. At least it looks pretty.

I cannot believe how tall my grass is! Yikes! I better start mowing.

The strawberries reappeared too. I'm going to move them to a dedicated bed on the side of the house. I have too many things on my to do list.

And the Boyfriend has turned over more of the yard so I can expand my garden from about 15x 14 to 25x20. Three long rows as opposed to six 4x7 beds. I also have a plot at the community garden where all our squash, cantaloupe and watermelon will go.

We can't agree on how to do the fence. His opinion is, "Honey, tell me how you want me to do it, and I'll do whatever you want." That answer is why we'll stay together forever.

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