Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planting Peas on St Patty's Day?

I tried growing peas last year. I had about two pods of incredible little peas. I think they were called petite pea wonders or something. Then it shriveled up and died. I was rather upset.

This year my friend mentioned planting them on St. Patty's Day. So I googled it and found a wide variety of opinions on this. Yeah, I know, surprise surprise.

Then I thought about my mom. She tells me all sorts of crazy Sri Lankan remedies and I always pooh pooh her...and of course, she's always right. So maybe there is something to the old wives tales. Why not try?

I planted them today.

Although, as my mom was the dispenser of all knowledge weird and random, my dad on the other hand is a scientist. Perhaps in honor his profession I should take this on as an experiment and do the wet paper towel sprouting of the seeds and well as a couple started in a egg carton with the other seedlings I intend to plant...ya know, eventually.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Here's the thing with peas.

    They will not germinate until the weather is warm enough. But, they are susceptible to mold and fungus.

    Plant them early (as early as 3 or 4 weeks before the last frost date), but only do that if you buy treated seeds.

    Make sense?

  2. All I'm gonna say is this..your Mom grows everything...and well.
    I do not grow everything, and certainly not everything I grow, grows well, but I do grow peas..in NJ, and pretty well.You should listen to us ..at least some of the time. ;-)


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