Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Garden - June 22

I finally cleared out the yard. Now you can actually see my garden and walk on the little brick path I have separating the beds!

Here's our corn. A rabbit (I'm guessing a rabbit, I guess it could've been a bird or rat or something) ate the top off of one of our corn stalks so I had no choice but to finally bite the bullet and put up a fence.

Lettuce and arugula is apparently suppose to be directly sowed, not transplanted so unfortunately out of the hundreds of seedlings from the Expired Seed Experiment, I only wound up with twenty or so survivors.

Our beets and carrots, on the other hand, had no problem surviving their transplant from pot to garden.

I had a pot of cucumbers and squash...I didn't really label the Expired Seed Experiment plants as well as I should've, but I'm pretty sure these are all yellow summer squash.

Amidst the yard clean up, I finally finished prepping the final bed for planting. While we were out picking up more screws for the cabinets, the HD plant people were putting out fresh plants. My daughter pointed out this Big Beef tomato plant....

this bell pepper plant...

and these cantaloupe plants (she loves cantaloupe) so I picked them up. She's finally back to helping me in the garden, so I like when she offers some input.

Another view of the beds.

So...I still haven't had the time (or help) to get that darn shed up, but I did finally put everything on top of the base. All I have to do now is build the shed around the stuff...yeeesh.

Here's our Summer Savory and Sage.

Our strawberry plants are doing wonderfully. We go out every morning to examine them and pick the ripe strawberries. My daughter usually eats them all...occasionally, I get a couple of them.
Our pea plant instantly produced a couple of peas, then turned brown and is barely alive. So sad. There is some basil growing in there...I hope they aren't stealing too much space and nutrition from the pea plant! The peanut loves peas, so I might have to pick up some more and try again.
Our Rosemary and Globe Basil or growing nicely. The Thai Basil is flowering like crazy. I don't know if I'm suppose to cut the flowers or leave them or what!

Still no cucumbers but they're finally starting to get bigger.

Our Patio Tomatoes had a set back when it wasn't getting enough water, but now it's making a come back. The Yellow Bell Tomato plant is huge!

There are a few patio tomatoes growing...

and a whole lotta yellow ones.

There are tons of pears on the tree! Thank goodness the aggressive pruning didn't put the poor tree into shock!

I also picked up a Blueberry Bush on clearance. It sat by the garden for a week or two more because I couldn't figure out where to plant it than anything else. I finally bit the bullet and planted it near the fence and next to the honey suckle bush. In lieu of an expensive vinyl fence, I'm hoping to block the view of my neighbors house with foliage.

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  1. Very cool! Where did you pick up the blueberries? We are looking to get some for the community garden plot. ;-)


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