Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Container Garden Begins

I haven't been blogging lately. Too busy. I'm getting old. I was laying tiles yesterday, and now my whole body aches. Yeeesh. Anyway, now I'm playing catch up.

April 25, our Container Garden begins. Last year I bought these huge terra cotta planters from IKEA for $5. I wish I had bought more! I didn't realize they were $20+ at regular stores. Oh well.

We planted Red Patio Tomotoes.

Little Yellow Bell Tomotoes

Patio Wonder Peas

We also had a ton of expired seed packets. Half from 1998 and the other half from 2001. So, on my mother with the most unbelieveable green thumbs suggestion, I dumped them all into various pots to see what would grow. (Did you notice how nicely the strawberry plants in the blue pot are growing!)

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  1. Just don't give up too soon, some things take longer to germinate than others. ;-)
    Your strawberries look lovely, the squirrels took all of mine..yes took them..don't know where. I suppose they have tons of strawberries growing up at the top of a tree somewhere..maybe they'll share?


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