Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vegan Options at Six Flags Great Adventure

I emailed the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ last year to find out why they don't have an allergen menu and what their vegan options are.  Remember, this response may not be relevant to your local Great Adventure theme park so I would contact them directly.  

Also, always ask to see the packaging of the food their serving (don't feel weird, I do it all the time and no one ever cares.  Plus most theme park attendants are teens and could seriously care less about showing you the package).  Let me add that the salt ingredients explanation came from me asking about their popcorn, which I always ask now that I know a lot of places add dairy to their salt.

"... we prefer our guest to ask any stand supervisor to see the ingredient list on the box to ensure there is none of the allergen they are looking for in the product. Sometimes products may be switched throughout the year and we want to ensure the guest is getting the most accurate and up to date information as possible. J

As far as Vegan options are concernred, we do offer Gardein Black Bean Burgers at Garden State Grill, Yum Yum Café and Go Fresh Café throughout the year. We also have Vegan Tenders available at Go Fresh Café (Yum Yum Café during Holiday in the Park).

The ingredients in our salt used in our products are:
Salt, Sodium Silicoaluminate, Dextrose, Potassium Iodide and Sodium Bicarbonate."

I will admit I was super surprised they had any vegan options!  I would double check the bread on the Gardein Burgers, a friend went and at that time the bun had dairy in it.  I know they now serve hummus and falafel, which is usually a safe bet for vegans.  There are also random salads, but nothing to write home about.  I really do wish they would make this whole process easier. 

To be honest, we usually leave around lunchtime so it's not an issue.  Or we just stop at Gloria Jean's at the Jackson Premium Outlet (lots of non-dairy milk options and baked goods, love that place) or Chipotle in Freehold.  Ocean Organics in Jackson also opened near the park.  We went right after they opened and everything was just okay.  Now that they've been up and running and have probably worked out any kinks, I'll definitely head back to give them another shot.

Non-vegan related word of advice, they're sticklers for not bringing bags or having things in your pockets at the beginning of the season.  By the middle to the end, they let you bring whatever you want.  But seriously...don't come carrying a bunch of crap.  I mean really, you're going on rides, where do you think you're putting all of that?  I bring my keys and my cards to get in.  That's literally all you need.  Stop being insane carrying ten bags.  And no're whipping around on roller coasters, it's going to hurt your ears or get flung off.  Common sense people...

Also, as a side-note, you cannot wait in line and then have your twenty person party join you when you get to the front.  That's line cutting.  I will call your ass out on that.  Just saying.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Vegan Options at Arooga's

Arooga's in opening up in a town close to me, and they have the Impossible Burger!  Exciting, right?  I know some people don't consider it vegan because the company that took part in animal testing.  You can find a pdf of their statement, The Agonizing Dilemma of Animal Testing" here.  But I shop at stores that sell animal products and animal-tested products, and most of my favorite vegan products are being bought out by non-vegan companies.  If I villanize them for what they did, wouldn't I be a hypocrite?

Back to why you're here.  When I checked out Arooga's menu, I noticed their Impossible Burger comes on a brioche bun, with (what I'm going to assume is) a non-vegan-friendly special sauce and American or Cheddar cheese.  The rest of the menu seemed pretty non-vegan-friendly too.  I couldn't find contact information on their site, so I tweeted them asking for one.  Radio silence.  Then I messaged my local chain on Facebook and they did respond with the following:

"The Impossible burger is vegan but the process in which we cook and prepare it makes it vegetarian only.  Our brioche bun has egg as well as our faux wings.  Our vegan options are limited to our salads with a few replacements."

Well, that's disappointing.  I'm uncertain who they think they're marketing this burger too.  Vegetarians don't normally eat eggs and if you're cutting back on red meat as per doctor's orders, then why is there not-so-heart-healthy items like cheese, mayo, and eggs?  Even getting back to the vegetarian aspect, there are eight items listed on their menu as "vegetarian", most of which contain eggs.  So unless you're an Ovo-Vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian if you're eating eggs and dairy, FYI)...yeah, that stuff is a no-go too.

I'm always baffled why these chains understand there is a demand for vegan items, but half-ass add them.  How hard would it be to make actual vegetarian or vegan food?  I'll steer clear of Arooga's until they can, at the very least, learn the definition of a vegetarian...